I’m filming, regardless of whether I translate the traveling experience into a moving image or creating commercial projects for clients with great passion. Creating a video realization gives me the greatest satisfaction in my everyday work. I am happy to undertake the production of advertising spots, promotional clips or reports from events.

Traveling and filming are my two biggest passions. Every year I travel many kilometers with a backpack full of photographic equipment, starting from European locations, ending in Asia or Africa. I have completed projects including in Namibia, Kenya, Japan, the Philippines, and Morocco. Including mountain climbs to Toubkal and Kilimanjaro. I will gladly take on new challenges.

The video-report from the event is both a great souvenir and an excellent promotional material. I will gladly appear with a camera at an important event for you or the company and document the full coverage in an interesting and modern way. 

I have experience in creating advertising spots for companies and brands. I will prepare a video material that will present the product and its physical attributes, or translate into a moving image its emotional values and brand vision – I will help to tell your story.

A film from a drone is a great idea to show real estate, tourist facilities or the region. This technique works great as a complement to the traditional image.

Working on the set of the music video and translating the artist’s vision into a moving image is my favorite form of cooperation right after traveling. Depending on the needs, I carry out operator orders and carry out subsequent assembly. I invite you to contact me.

With great pleasure, I will accompany you on this most important day in my life and I will prepare a film commemorating these beautiful moments.

Animation is a great alternative to a traditional movie or can be a complement to it.